Georgia - historical and deep cultural country with location in the heart of Europe and Asia. Georgia is land of the first Europeans, heart of wine and wine making, and example of hospitality and seniority respect. Country whose traditions, culture, music and dance under the UNESCO heritage. The country of oldest language, cities, honey and even thread. We have lots to tell, lots to show and lots to surprise you, so we are waiting for you!



Georgian nature is rich for landscapes, caves, canyons, mountains, flora and fauna. Georgia is encircled from the West by the Black sea and by Greatest Caucasus Mountains from the North, because of this in Georgia is among the lucky countries which have all 4 seasons. All category of visitors can find their own type of leisure in Georgia. You can dive, ski, hike, track, horse ride, have a gastronomic, cultural, pilgrim, adventure tours or simply relax on the Black sea shore, or more - do it all at the same time, just catch the right period and rent a car in Georgia from Quick rent to realize your planes easily.

Our team’s favorite places: Tusheti, here you will need off road car, and huge experience of driving and braveness, because Tusheti road listed in one of the most extremal, or use our driver service. Abudelauri lakes – the land of the lakes which formed from snow, rain, and mountain ice with the colours of blues, green and white – for tracking lovers. Abastumani – not so popular among tourists but place with amazing nature, hot spring waters and Astrophysical Observatory.


One of the biggest “sightseeing” of Georgia – GVINO (Wine in Georgian). Recently all world take a note that approximately 7500 years ago Georgian start proceeding wine, that proves that Georgian were the first in winemaking. Why Georgia?! Because only in Georgia you can discover more than 505 sorts of grapes and most of them are endemic. The biggest region of winemaking – Kakheti. Also, because of unique, natural winemaking procedure, what means that Georgians use special clay pot – qvevri (or kvevri), which is buried under the ground and all fermentation goes there, that makes wine 100% natural. Even UNESCO admitted this process as unique in the world.

P.S. Visiting Georgia don’t forget to taste the wine of Qvevri.