1. What is the minimum/maximum age for renting a car?

Minimum age of  a driver is 23 with the driver experience for  3 years and maximum age-70 years.

2. Can i leave the car in another city?

Yes, you can.

3. Can i add an additional driver?

Yes, you can for some extra charges.  You can add additional driver when you make online reservation, or you can write the mail and send the drive’s details.

4. Insurance is included in price or do i have to pay an extra cash?

85% of Insurance is included in price but also you can by full protection.

5. Is there mileage limit?

We offer you unlimited mileage.

6. How can i pay my rental?

You can pay by bank transfer by credit card or by cash.

7. What documents do i need to rent a car?

Valid passport and driver license.

8. Do I need to pay deposit, when I rent the car?

Yes, you do! The deposit amount is $200

9. Do I need to return car with the full tank?

When renting a car you have to return it with the same amount of fuel with which you received it. If you return the car with less fuel, you'll have to pay an amount equivalent to the missing amount. In addition, you will need to pay the cost of "Fuel service".

10. What insurance is included in my rental?

85 % of insurance includes in the price.

11. Should i wash car before return it?

You should return the car at the same condition that you received or you will be charged for car wash.

12. Can i drive into another country by your car?

Yes, you can drive to Armenia, but you will special permission.

13. How i will be charged in case of leaving a car in another city?

It depends on which city you're going to leave a car.